Pontifications on life drawing

Kevin Bayken, a good boy.

An open letter to humanity on getting its collective act together.

Doubtless you’d have preferred a revoltingly twee, anthropomorphised depiction of the author with big googly eyes. You make me sick. (Image by Axel_Kock)

Dear H. Sapien,

Body integrity dysphoria and the transabled; parallels with gender dysphoria and transgenderism

Image by Andrey_Popov


When you feel a fool for trying, know that everyone else thinks you’re a fool too

Image by Eroshka

Can this trope die its undignified death already?

Image by George Mayer

A tale of two mirrors

General relativity: When you’re related to someone but you’re not quite sure how.

Image composed with Canva

What can we learn from Japanese gift-givers, Italian coffee aficionados, and Indian festival goers?

Image by TimeImage Production

Firing my editor is only the first step, can you figure out whose footsteps I’m following?

Image by Ilin Dmitriy
  1. Each book shall be twice the length of the last, bloated like a dead ferryman’s corpse.
  2. I will fire my editor for questioning the narrative value of dedicating 12 pages to the silk brocade buttons on a minor character’s jacket.
  3. I won’t bother with facts; if I don’t know a word (“semiotics”), I will just invent one: Symbology, the study of symbols.
  4. Fans waiting on the next installment of my fantasy series will eventually…


Dreaming our universe into being was easy, explaining how it works to my butler is the hard part (especially while sauced)

Image by canbedone

Angela Volkov

Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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