Blaming women for male violence, and therefore giving it tacit endorsement. Holding women to such impossibly high standards that their minor flaws are worse than a literal child murderer’s. What else is new? All these cases vary only in surface detail, there is nothing inexplicable or surprising about them. A lot of ordinary men are abusers.

The ‘just snapped’ narrative also needs to die, these men have enough self control not to ‘just snap’ at men stronger than they are. In this case, it was cold and calculated, but the “oh no, man can’t control his anger and has to make it someone else’s problem” excuse needs to be scortched from the face of the earth.

It’s all just misogyny, which I feel the “ohhh it’s such a mystery” true crime documentaries are feeding. I’m pretty sure if headlines were replaced with “Another coward slaughters family” each and every time, they’d stop doing it quite as often for the infamy.

Great article, thanks for writing it.

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