Both sides go too far. There are those who fail to understand men don’t have a monopoly on positive “masculine” traits, and then there are those that in trying to find a what’s-in-it-for-me angle ignore that men cry less because testesterone is prohibitive to tear production. Women are more empathetic and emotionally responsive due to estrogen, but I would be far less of a people pleaser if most of my socialisation wasn’t dedicated to punishing me for not putting the needs of others above my own.

One side looks at the results of nurture and attributes them wholly to nature, the other side does the opposite. One cannot change biology, so why not let the cards fall where they may after we get rid off rigid gender roles and modes of expression? In so doing, we allow people to be individuals.

Men can and should be able to cultivate empathy without derision, women confidence without fear of negative consequence. We are all feeling, thinking people who should aim to be better, more well rounded people. The only thing the author denounces in men is the tendency toward sexual assault — surely neither an admirable or indispensible behaviour?

You see fit to say what women find attractive in men, so let me tell you, personally it’s just their physiology, that’s why we call it opposite-sex attraction, and not opposite gender stereotype attraction. As for personality, I prefer not to associate with “weak”, meek or uncaring people, whatever their sex.

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