Can’t have it both ways, either gender identity is independent of biological sex*, or it isn’t. If the former, then you are male or female (as observed at birth and beyond) regardless of how you see yourself. That’s fine, but then don’t try to claim opposite sex-based rights or sex-based protections apply. Lead a non-conforming life, just don’t expect to be treated as something you’re not. A trans(wo)mam is…a trans(wo)man and cannot be treated identically to a man or woman in certain circumstances. People are what they are physically, not just metaphysically.

Transgender activists seem unrealistic in their demands, they would even have a male sex offender who’s sexually and fatally offended against girls and women housed with future victims on the basis of presumed shared “gender identity”. I’m a woman because I am one, my feelings would not change this, but in certain societies I could force people to treat me as male socially if I felt like it.

Sex-based rights and protections are not tools to validate your self-conception, they are to make aspects of public life safe and accessible to girls and women. It’s selfish to pervert such to legitimise your gender identity. Not everything is about your giddiness over being missexed (or gender affirmed), sometimes the realities of sex determine how we are treated, learn to live with those few circumstances.

It’s not going to be possible to replace subjective feelings for biological sex and its realities (vastly greater physical strength and increased risk of sexual aggression toward women) in public policy, because the underlying logic was based on sex. Are people who wish to be treated like the opposite sex real? Sure, but that doesn’t mean gender identity is real, however much insisting we all have one makes trans people feel included and legitimate in their claims of actually “being” the opposite sex. Rather, some people have gender dysphoria, sometimes accompanied with unease about their body. I support them, but not at the expense of loss of safety and opportunity for billions of girls and women.

Is it not enough to have people use the pronouns associated with the opposite sex as validation? Do we have to also pretend a biological woman is identical to a male (sex) with the accompanying socialisation (gender) just because he believes he shares a “gender identity” with her? Or would prefer the gendered expression of a woman? Or would feel happy if people treated him as if he were female?

Do non-transgendered people have to pretend to have gender identities? Do we have to render labels for observable reality meaningless by insisting a woman equals an adult female human PLUS males who “feel” they are? No point to such a label at all. Might as well refer to people in a clinical manner as male or female, as “man” and “woman” are now meaningless labels conveying no useful information, except that a particular person feels masculine or feminine, or neither, or this changes minute by minute. What is anyone supposed to do with this information? You’re gender non-binary and want me to refer to you as “they”, cool, you’re burdening me with useless information and are asking for special treatment. Do you want me to build you a non-gender binary bathroom for your metaphysical needs?

*what’s with the scare quotes? Are people under the impression sex is a spectrum or social construct just because male and female people with disorders of sexual development exist? Getting emulative surgery doesn’t inch a person’s way up any sort of “spectrum”. We can’t obviate reality to make people feel included in a group they don’t by definition belong to. We can, of course, broaden labels to the point that they are meaningless, and endorse policies which will allow any and every man in women’s spaces, because we as a society prioritise male feelings over female safety and opportunity.

Do I support transgender people’s non-conforming behaviour? Yes. Do I want to replace gender identity for sex in public policy? Not a chance. Society is a compromise between an individual’s desires and the effect on all other individuals, people need to get a grip on this and develop empathy for those outside their special interest group.

Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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