Exactly what it says on the tin, "poor choice of words". Men are not forced into marriage, whereas there's no shortage of girls/women abducted, raped and beaten as a way to force them into a marriage.

I'm not sure that coersion, pressure and persuation can at all be lumped together. If a man choose to get married because otherwise his partner would go and find someone else who will commit her, that's still his freely taken choice. A weighing of pros and cons, just like every decision.

I'm not sure about coercion, do you have an example? In most parts of the world, men and women are free to choose whether or not they marry, social pressure notwithstanding.

There's also a very corrosive narrative, wherein men propose and choose to get married, then joke about the "ol' ball and chain" and how they were strong-armed into it etc., which seems very disrespectful to me, and also patently untrue.

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