Figures are great but they must relate to what you are trying to capture. To tell me that Disney would have lost 300 million of its viewers by not firing a woman whose social media post hurt the sensibilities of a vocal few with poor reading comprehension is absurd. Again, I doubt these people would give up their fandoms or love for a fictional character if offended.

I’m not American, and you are projecting quite a lot onto me. If you tell me only the Left in America like playing with fit dolls or watching films about adventures in space with female leading characters I’ll take your word for it.

You might want to stop dividing the world into two groups and treating the people within them as identical to each other, and diametrically opposed to people in the other group. I have no problem with black people, non-submissive women, and gay people who you are bringing up for reasons unknown, but I have a huge problem with cancel culture and people who tilt at windmills because they know companies are disloyal to their employees. Disney doesn’t want the label of antisemitism to follow them, regardless of how baseless it is to attribute this to Carano to justify mistreating her.

I’m pretty sure Frozen was liked by many children, whether they vote Democrat or Republican.

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