For someone to say their “gender” (inner sense of self) makes them a “woman” is akin to saying your “oldness” (inner sense of self) makes you a senior despite being born only 20 years ago. I guess you are a cis-senior whose oldness and biological age align the same way, by sheer, grand coincidence, your gender (male) and sex align (male). You’re a man without gender dysphoria, why does the absense of that one rare condition necessitate a modifer before your biological sex?

I’m curious, what do you think “man” and “woman” mean? There are the current definitions:

Man: Male adult human being. Male mammals cannot give birth.

Woman: Female adult human being. Female mammals can give birth but some individuals may have reached menopause (a natural part of being a woman) or were born with/developed a reproductive issue. Humans have gallbladders if you remove a gallbladder one is still human and it does not in anyway negate the fact that humans. have. gallbladders.

Human: a featherless biped with two arms and legs. (Ooh, careful, that means amputees or people with developmental issues aren’t human by your logic, or tarred and feathered people). A human is also any non-human e.g. an alien or robot who feeeels human. Humans are henceforth known as “breathers” in any context where one of their distinguishing biological traits are not shared by metallic “trans-humans”, sorry, every single “human”.

What’s your definition of woman? Anyone who feels they are a woman? By you haven’t defined woman then… circular.

There are men, and there are woman, a tiny fraction have gender dysphoria and are deeply disconnected and perturbed by the realities of their sexed body and want to live out their imitation of the opposite sex. They are free to do so but I will not feed their mind-body incongruity at my expense or rewrite reality to reflect their erronious perceptions.

The only humans capable of giving birth are women, all “birthing people” are women, most of these women would prefer to be called “women” or “expectant mothers” when discussing childbirth. No one has said an infertile woman isn’t a woman, she still is, just as humans are a two armed species even if a few have lost or never developed their arms. What’s your argument, some woman are infertile therefore…not everyone who is gives birth is a woman? Are there child-bearing men? No, there are only child-bearing transmen. A transman is a type of woman who feels her authentic self is a man. That isn’t the same as actually being a man.

Only being called a woman in contexts where I have everything in common with a male human (a transwoman) means that in most contexts I’ll be reduced to dehumanising terms (birthing person, uterus-haver) to preserve the feelings of these men. Then the word woman loses its ability to accurately describe one half of humanity, and womanhood is erased, and then you have males (cis or trans, what difference does it make?) caving women’s skulls in in MMA based on their gender (real or pretend) feelings. Great.

“Woman” could be a pregnant 5’1 human or it could refer to a bearded, muscle-bound 6’5 human whose father multiple children, what a useless and misleading label we’re turning it into. But that pregnant woman can’t refer to any of the traits that makes her a woman, that play a huge part in her life if she dares tie it to womanhood. To connect it it to being a woman. (“Ooh, cramps hurt so bad, I hate being a woman. Sorry, “bleeder”! Not all women menstruate, particularly not the ones with lady penises, and some men menstruate, the ones who are uterus-havers like me!”) Gross. That’s erasure, that’s silencing. Women are distinct from men. Fashion is the only thing I have in common with transwomen, a complete superficiality, why do I have to pretend we are the same? A transwoman is a transwoman. A woman is a woman. One is male, one is female. Because we both think we are women, that makes us both women? Come on…

Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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