I think women should be called mothers and women and not birthing people in the 99.9% of cases where they don’t specifically ask to be known by the term “birthing people”, which reduces women, and only women, to a bodily function.

We aren’t doing this to men, and we all know why we aren’t calling them “prostate-havers” or “ejaculating people”. Because the trans rights movement is funded mostly by men who identity as, but don’t give a toss about, women. This is primarily about their feelings of being excluded from womanhood by reality.

I know it makes transmen happy to be called a birthing person, and it makes transwomen happy to pretend there is no biological basis to being a woman, when it is only your chromosomes which determine which of the two sexes (yes, even xxy women are women, yes, even women with abnormal phenotypic expression regarding the development of sex organs are women, but men are not women). Gender identity is separate from sex? Great, stop using gender identity to demand to be treated as though you were the opposite sex.

What is “woman” to you, merely someone who wears a dress and asks to be called ma’am? Someone who thinks they are a woman and the fact that they are in error is apparently of no consequence?

You know what is meant by male and female, well, a male human being is a man and needs help to reunite his mind with bodily reality, not a “seat at a table” with a group whose interests he does not share.

Sex-based discrimination doesn’t magically effect you after cosmetic surgery or putting a dress on (choosing what to wear was the greatest difficulty described by Jenner when asked about imitating the “lived experiences” of women, hilarious).

There are material realities associated with having a female body, it makes you more vulnerable physically, and it means you are at greater risk of sexual assault, and you can’t run as fast as men because of the structure of your wider hips (evolved for childbearing). To women, reproductive health, periods, pregnancy and childbirth (or the avoiding thereof) is significant. All sexual dimorphism, all differences between the sexes are to do with reproduction. Meanwhile, jealous transwomen deride that fact because it hints at a difference between men and women. And the way men are different to women, is the way transwomen are different to women.

People pretending a man passes as a woman treat them as a fragile man, with caution, with plentiful phony praise, and not as a woman. It’s all just pretend for the sake of survival: men are more aggressive, and with 2.6x times a woman’s punching power. Or to keep one’s job. Or to win useless Woke points and feel virtuous. Reality, for example heavy weights, continues to treat you as before. There is no overlap, at all, between these two groups, apart from both being human.

No, it’s biology/reality that has decided men and women are separate. An arbiter would be someone unable to give me a definition of a woman, but refusing to accept that it means “adult female human being” as per the dictionary.

You know only female mammals give birth, right? The fact that not every member of this group will give birth in no way contradicts this. I have no idea why you bring this up, it’s really flawed logic.

Not all monkeys are chimps, all chimps are monkeys. Now, tell me, are there chimps who aren’t monkeys? No. Are there people who give birth who aren’t women? No. Do all women give birth? No. But what does that have to do with women who are pregnant and want to continue being called a woman and not “birthing person”? Or a woman who menstrates not wanting the dehumanising label “bleeder” or “menstruator” the second her experiences don’t overlap with a man who identifies as a woman?

When am I a woman? When I go dress shopping even though not all women wear dress. Why? Because it’s an experience a man identifying as a woman can replicate. When I give birth am I still allowed to call myself a woman? Of course not, because it’s not an experience in the realms of possiblilty for men who think they are women. Excluding women from the label on the basis of their female biology. How nice. If this was about transmen, the label would be exclusively applied to them at their behest. And men would be called ejaculators to spare transman feelings.

Lived experience of a gender non-binary woman? That’s a woman with short hair, right? Who has a special I’m-not-like-other-girls personality label that no one can discern unless she shares it with them. You realise people with gender dysphoria have issues with their body, and not merely the stereotypes associated with it? No need to co-opt their psychological distress as your own.

Anyway, wanna see my pet rabbit? He lives in a glass tank and has eight legs, no, he isn’t an octopus. Not all octopuses have eight legs, okay? And when they do we call them tentacle-havers and never, ever octopuses because that offends the octopuses who are, in fact, rabbits.

Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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