I’m not Alt-Right as you claim. My contempt for the Regressive Left (hopefully just a subset of the Left) and its intolerance and anti-intellectualism, and my pro-free speech views are shared by many people who aren’t sexist, racist, homophobic etc. I don’t “claim” to be against cancel culture, I truly am. You keep telling me whose cancellation I would supposedly be okay with on the basis of who I supposedly am.

And you keep labelling people as sexist, racist, and Alt-Right without cause, precisely because you’re looking for carte blanche to be hostile to them. Because it feels good, right? But first you need to assure yourself it will be socially acceptable and that you are morally justified.

What did Carano say that was “racist”? Without pretending that she said that conservatives are treated as poorly as Jewish people were, rather than the truth: that dehumanising and demonising people leads to a mob mentality.

Dating apps, Black Panther’s popularity, “liberal” values in princess cartoons, I’m not sure what you’re on about, seems like an unrelated rant. You seem quite confidence in your ability to analyse patterns, all I see (as a data analyst) is someone who makes huge leaps in logic and has a very black and white view of people. The world isn’t just the extremists, the SJWs and Alt-Rights. Disney’s sales would have likely been unaffected because most people do not take issue with beliefs which do not 100% cohere to their own, nor do they bandy about accusations of bigotry lightly, it’s just that it’s become a reflex to throw an employee under the bus any time someone is offended. And I will continue to find that contemptible.

Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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