Is it harmful to not validate a self-concept this particular way? Biological sex determines pronouns, that’s why people need to be instructed to not “misgender” someone by correctly identifying their sex. If someone is “harmed” because you’ve neglected to refer to them as “they”…doesn’t it suggest that person needs treatment, rather than rehauling society so they never need to confront the fact that people don’t perceive them (for obvious reasons not limited to their body and behaviour, rather than superficialities like clothing) a certain way? Is it healthy for people to pretend, doesn’t it violate their sense of integrity? Is that not doing the vast majority of people “harm”?

I’m not sure a self-concept as being as feminine as the average man/woman or perfectly in between in their estimation needs external validation. Seems like language is being used to re-write reality for this ideology. I particularly loathe, “assigned sex at birth”, no one is assigned a sex. To say otherwise is just not in line with science, which applies to most of the gender identity ideology.

Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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