Lack of empathy because replacing sex with felt identity only (which has no bearing on external reality, unlike, say, emulative surgery which has some effect) would lead to males having access to women’s spaces, which means an increase in sexual assault/voyeurism (that’s why they’re separated in the first place), and loss of opportunity in sports (if they look only at gender identity and not physiology) for a larger group of people than transwomen.

Statistically speaking, obvs not every male would do such a thing. Also, a study shows even after surgery the male pattern of criminality is retained so does not appear to be ameliorated by gender identity (which is only a self-conceptualisation, as in, you’re definitely trans but that’s not the same as being a woman…or do I have to say I think transwomen and women are identical? I see sex and socialisation as more definitive than self-conceptualisation, hence trans people requiring the validation of opposite sex pronouns because if people don’t play along it’s not as real, right?). Of course it would be the larger group of non-trans men able to make use of self ID laws that would be the larger problem. (#notallmen)

If you’re peaceably using these facilities why would I want you out of them? I’m sure you’re a nice person, I just wouldn’t want to grant males overall access to female spaces, or for my country to follow suit with replacing observable reality for people’s personal perceptions. (Though again, a profound physiological change such as an affirming surgery is real and needs to be catered for.) Nor do I feel like pretending I have a “gender identity”.

Imagine I deeply believed I was an African American with a disability…does society then need to treat me as such? Do I scoop up scholarships, train for the Special Olympics? Why does trans only work for sex, is it because it only disadvantages a group of people that doesn’t contain men? Transabled and transracial people are often viewed as imposters playing dresss-up, yet women are supposed to offer validation and change definitions to spare male feelings. It’s an interesting thing to note about society, that feeling like the opposite sex is now given so much weight. It might also be a sign that gendered expectations are too rigid.

BTW, I believe there are work arounds, such as single stall bathrooms which make no reference to gender identity* or sex as it’s conflated with. There are times when certain transwomen cannot be treated identically to men, obviously.

Finally, I’m not “hun”, or “dear”, “Angie”, or any other pet name or nickname to you. Ta.

*you say gender but to me gender is either another word for sex, or a word for the social overlay over sex i.e. the socialisation you would have received based on sex, whereas you’d have been happier to be socialised as a girl (as you’ve told me before, you vastly preferred tea parties over traditionally boy things). That some people are gender non-conforming or prefer to be treated as the opposite sex is a fact…but it does not imply we are all born with a gender identity that is only sometimes aligned with sex. I’m not convinced non-trans people have a gender identity, it just feels like a way to claim being a woman, as long as you first change the definition to “someone whose gender identity is woman” (circular). I only “feel” like a woman because I’m not under the impression that I’m something other than an adult female human…and if I did, I would have to acknowledge that society might not always be able to treat me as my felt identity.

Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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