Men who identify as women have the same human rights as any other citizen, what they do not have is the sex-based protections accorded to women on the basis of sex. Duh. But sure, let’s compromise women’s safety to prop up male feelings, and bathe in the glow of virtue-signalling regardless of the consequences.

If anyone dares question gender identity ideology just make an umsubstantiated claim that it will lead to suicide and violence, while ignoring that presently, in the US and in the UK, the murder rate of transgender identified individuals is slightly lower than that of the general population, and gender non-conforming individuals are able to safely express themselves, with the bonus that everyone else is forced to validate their self-conception.

You feel feminine in line with stereotypes associated with a different sort of body and associated characteristics? Congrats, through the power of wishful thinking you too have these characteristics! Meanwhile, studies show the same male pattern of criminality and pretty much the same level of strength following the medical transition the vast majority of middle aged men do not even go through.

But sure, use the wrong changeroom and participate in the wrong category of sports. Who cares how it will effect girls and women, you are “marginalised” even though society does nothing but kowtow to 0.05% of the population, and whatever will gratify them most.

Lesbians should have to sleep with men who feel they share a “gender”. Sexually and fatally offend against girls/women, be put in jail with more of your physically weaker potential victims. Do you see how the demands of trans rights activists might be a little unrealistic?

Discrimination, strength differences, same-sex attraction, sexual assault perpetration/victimisation are all products of biological sex, to pretend otherwise is folly. Pretending the female body and all its realities has nothing to do with being a woman is erasure. How about we hand the “woman” label to everyone with a “woman” gender, and adult female humans can call themselves something else.

I feel for the portion of transgender people with gender dysphoria particularly as the suicide rate is identical following surgery. Typically, with a bodily dysphoria an arm is not amputated, but rather therapy us used to reintegrate the mind with the body. Although adults can modify their bodies as they please, it is strange that the body rather than the mind is altered. Guess surgery and cross sex hormones are big business.

Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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