Nah, no one said all. No one said sexual deviants in the first place. Not all males are sex offenders but nine out of ten sex offenders are male, their target overwhelmingly female.

Transwomen are treated as male because they are. They retain the male pattern of criminality even after surgery, as gender identity feelings do nothing to ameliorate risk of sexual assault perpertration. Hence, their inclusion into sex-segregated spaces is not appropriate, nor of men who will say they feel like women to exploit self-ID laws #notallmales

Yes, stats matter, people are part of a society, not just atomised individuals free to do as they please without wider ranging consequences. The euphoria of gender identity validation will come at a steep cost for others. Gender identity and biological sex are independent only when convenient, apparently…

The mechanism, an example: previously a man entering a women’s changing room would be stopped by others (bystanders, security watching CCTV of the doors, the women inside), now that would be “transphobic” because maybe he feels like a woman. If he sexually assaults or films a woman, the burden of proof is now much higher than previously afforded by his mere presence inside a space where women are disrobing. Pretty damn easy to understand. Do you also need me to explain why someone with 2.6x the punching power of a woman breaking her thinner skull is a bad idea in sports where feeling like/pretending to feel like a woman is slowly replacing eligibility criteria based on the profound physical differences between men and women?

Laws are made by thinking about groups and not, “Well that transwoman is in the bottom ten percentile for strength, and they aren’t a sex offender, okay, let’s allow all males into women’s spaces then!”

I don’t forget transmen exist but women en masse in men’s sports or sex-segregated spaces would not put them at risk, so nor would transmen who are a smaller group. Transmen don’t seem to be petitioning to reduce men to “penis-havers” or some reductive term so the definition of “man” can be whatever they find validating. Nor are they calling gay men “transphobic” for not being attracted to someone of the opposite sex. Nor are they champing at the bit to be “included” in men’s prisons.

Yep, you should feel free to lead a way of life that doesn’t conform to the sex-based expectations people have for you. This applies to everyone. But sometimes you will have to be treated the way other members of your sex are, where the underlying logic is based on sex and not the metaphysics of gender identity.

Thanks for defining womanhood and feminism for me though. And explaining your “diversity” brand is the one true feminism because it fights for male oppression. (Can’t women have even one thing for themselves, does even feminism have to be about men not crying, or transwomen not being treated identically to women?) Only you get to decide who is a feminist and what it means to be a woman — got it.

Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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