She’s not a pseudo-feminist. No one is trying to make people hate trans people. Women are just trying to express that replacing sex with “gender identity” in public policy will have adverse effects on them, with validation of male feelings the only upside. They want to do this without censorship/deplatforming or rape threats. How is that a difficult concept to grasp? “Hate” and “violence” isn’t the same thing as a person puttinf forth their view, no matter how inconvenient the underlying facts and logic are.

I don’t expect men, regardless of “gender identity”, to understand or empathise with what it’s like to be a woman and compete in sports or disrobe in front of men…so, live your life in accordance to female rather than male stereotypes, just don’t expect sex-based rights and protections to apply to you. Sex =/= gender identity, right? Not just when convenient to you.

People are forced to use opposite sex pronouns to validate your identity feelings, is that not enough? What next, “inclusion” into clinical trials for women? Male sex offenders housed with more of their potential victims as long as they claim a shared affinity with female stereotypes?

What, if not biology, determines that a man gets to proclaim himself a woman and be treated identically to a woman? Is it just a word without meaning or distinction now? (I’m not saying transwomen aren’t legitimately trans, just that they are very different to the group they’d like society to treat them as, upsetting as this reality is. A transwoman is…a transwoman.)

Were I transabled, it would not be fair for me to compete in the Special Olympics, yes, even it it invalidated my idea of myself as a person with a disability. If I were trans-racial, scholarships for minorities would not apply to me, yes, even it this would force me to confront the fact that people calling me African American don’t actually see me as such. Sometimes reality matters more than one’s feelings. Sometimes the safety and opportunity of half of humanity matters more than your feelings.

But hey, keep trying to define what a woman is according to the male view, and keep claiming women who don’t agree with you aren’t real feminists. Funny how some trans people think they are the only people allowed to define their identity, and in doing so must first redefine everyone elses reality, and reduce biological sex to a “spectrum” or “social construct”.

BTW, last I checked, feminism is about liberating women from sex-based oppression. Anyone who fights for women’s rights is one, even if they only care about women’s rights to sell their body or be financially dependent housewives or whatever else lib fems think is “empowering”.

Why can’t trans rights activists start their own movement, instead of attaching themselves to groups whose identities they don’t respect? That womanhood and sexual orientation is based on “gender identity” is a hard sell for anyone who isn’t trans and benefiting from redefining reality. Perhaps it’s time they struck out on their own, instead of trying to insinuate themselves into women’s or gay rights organisations.

Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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