Views you don’t share aren’t automatically bigotry or abusive. Let’s not render any more words meaningless. By the way, it’s what people with no counter arguments do, they just denounce people as anti this and pseudo-feminist that hoping to end the discussion through shaming. Even after you give them proof, they just ignore it and resort to sanctimonious name-calling.

I’m amazed you don’t believe in a need for sex-segragated spaces while believing society needs self-conceptualisation validation ones. I wish I, too, lived in a world governed by feelings instead of statistical and physical realities. I wish I only cared about the right of male-bodied “woman” gendered people to be treated identically to women*, I could scoop up tonnes of Regressive Left brownie points then.

Instead of saying a man identifies as a woman, or referring to someone as a transwoman we now (and this is very recent) have to change the definition of women so it accommodates male adult humans…who subjectively feel like women. Seems circular and nonsensical. Assertions that ones gender is “woman” is also strange, I mean anyone can live in accordance to a group stereotype without being part of that group in a meaningful, can’t opt-out, inextricable sense. So again, how is gender or gender identity a ticket into single-sex spaces?

Why is pointing out the difference between women* and transwomen wrong rather than practical and true? Why is saying males regardless of gender identity are not allowed in women’s spaces to mitigate risk not a valid point just because feelings are hurt or cracks start to form in ones self-conceptualisation when others don’t fully play along?

*female-bodied human beings who do not believe they have a “man” gender identity

Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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