You can win arguments with facts. For example, proof of a “biological” gender, and why if such a thing were real (and not a enactment of stereotypes and superficialities by someone who presumes to know how the metaphysical ‘woman’ soul feels) it should displace sex in sports/sex segregated spaces. You understand why such places exist, right? And that gender identity without props will always lead to correctly being sexed or “misgendered” (except in kids, is that why the community is so eager to pump them full of cross-sex hormones after harmful puberty blockers?). Live your life, be happy no one expects you to dress in a suit, and that people are forced to pretend “she” now refers to gender identity. In the UK and US, the murder rate for trans people is slightly lower than for non-trans people. Just be happy, and acknowlegde you will be treated as the male person* you are on occassion. All is well except those mean lesbians who are same-sex rather than same “gender stereotype” attracted, bigotry is the only explanation…

Resorting to calling people a dude (oh no, I was "misgendered”, my precious feelings, I haven’t used feminine enough words) or moron or whatever else isn’t how intelligent people argue. Read the retain the male pattern of criminality article yet? Developed a shred of compassion for girls and women yet?

If the arguements for other trans identities and demands based on such seem like effulence to you but are identical to gender ideology…well. It’s funny cause race if not skin colour is a social construct. A transabled person with props is more hampered physically than an transgender athlete with artificially lowered testesterone. Trans-aged could use all the same arguments.

*what are those called again? In old speak? In thought crime? In reality acknowledgement? You called me a dude, can you imagine your reaction if I called you a “trans-identified man”? Lordy!

Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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